Thursday, February 26, 2009

Feeding the rats

Every day somebody puts bread in this flower bed outside the Library Centre, beside the playground. They probably intend it for pigeons - though there don't seem to be many birds around since that snowy week - but the place is crawling with rats. When my dogs pass by here on their walk every night, they dive in and the rats come scurrying - at least on one occasion out into the street causing shrieks from ladies passing by.

Can I just say as well that the cinema in the Library Centre is in a filthy condition and they haven't even got proper tickets. Yet they have massive promotional displays, suitable for Leicester Square - inside where nobody can see them! Café Gigi is also closed, and it was infested with mice too, a while before it closed. What the hell is going on. We're paying like £1,600 per year (for band E 2008, for example, probably more now) for this crap - Brent Council! The Library Centre should be immaculate, like the Tricycle in Kilburn, instead it's like a tip.


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Anonymous said...

I agree, a lot of Willesden is suffering from under investment. The cinema is pretty shabby to say the least.