Thursday, April 12, 2007

The Willies: special award

WRMC announces a special award on the occasion of his 75th birthday to Cheeta, the star of the Tarzan films.

In recognition of his outstanding contribution to acting and the movies, the WRMC hereby appoints Cheeta its inaugural fellow, and awards this special Golden Willy for Lifetime Achievement. His thrilling adventures together with his humorous ape companion, Johnny Weissmuller, will continue to bring joy to future generations as they have in the past.

Alma Dinnerjacket

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A genuine punter said...

Unfortunately Cheeta could not be with us today, as he is working on location on a film inspired by the Tetley tea advertisement series. The award was presented by Rin Tin Tin the 12th and accepted on Cheeta's behalf by Champion the Wonder Horse Jr. Many stars were in the specially invited audience, including Lassie the 15th, My Friend Flicka, Benji, and Joan Rivers.