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Saturday, March 03, 2007

But seriously...

Do you remember this?

In May 1967 the Willesden Chronicle newspaper ran a front page story of a baby girl abandoned on a train at Willesden Junction. Appeals for the mum to come forward went out, and failed, even though she was probably a local girl.

The infant was dressed in a white dress with "baby" embroidered on the front, and wrapped in a pink blanket with the label cut out. This was probably a local hospital maternity/baby blanket, hence removing the name to remove the trace.

The authorities estimated that the baby was 10 days old when found, and given the hospital blanket, quite possibly that 'mum' went from the hospital onto the train and left baby before getting off. It's thought that the baby was born between May 15th and 22nd 1967—the date is unknown because the birth wasn't registered.

It is thought that the mother got on a train at either Richmond or Acton, and at the next stop (the train went Richmond-Acton-Willesden Junction...) railway workers found the baby girl in a carrier bag on the luggage rack.

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