Sunday, October 09, 2005

Hello, good evening and salam aleichem

David Frost joins al-Jazeera TV (BBC)

"Veteran UK broadcaster Sir David Frost is to join Arabic-language TV station al-Jazeera, the network has confirmed." (via Morph)


Anonymous said...

The end of usa as we know it .

We all know about discoveries of mammoths in Siberia .
Some of them were discovered with undigested food still
in their stomachs ? food ( plants ) which does not grow in Siberia.

Mystery - how ( thousands ) mammoths died obviously not from starvation .
How they also were able to live in such harsh climate and where their food came from .

All pseudo- and real scientists agree on one point ? suddenly climate changed .

Now we have to look at the Earth as the object which construction has been fairly well
explained and publicized .
At the centre is the CORE ? very heavy ? ball ? . It is surrounded by a layer of liquidish ,
melted rock ( MANTLE ) which pops out from time to time through the CRUST ? outer layer
of the EARTH ( varied thickness and WEIGHT ) .
That CRUST is more or less FLOATING on the melted rocks , balancing most of the time nicely . There are small movements , ignored by most people , who should remember however about
TRUE NORTH and MAGNETIC NORTH which move apart a few inches now and then .

The balance of the CRUST is maintained also by the weight of the ICE CAPS
on the north and south poles which make up for the difference in thickness and weight of the CRUST in some parts .

Some time ago ( about 12 000 years ago ) the CRUST TILTED , slide on the layer of the MANTLE ? it took only several hours before it stabilized again in the present position ( 50 degrees out ).

The fact is that what we call now NORTH POLE was actually in the area of present day USA
( apparently in the area of DENVER ) .
The Siberia had moderate climate supporting not only mammoths but also many other animals ? small and fast animals had time to escape , bigger and slower did not .

It will happen again - S O O N .
Recorded movements of the CRUST , calculated ratio of the WEIGHT of the CRUST in different areas of the globe ( including the weight of the ICE CAPS ) give an estimation of that happening in 2007 ( yes ? in 2 YEARS ) and the Earth (CRUST ) will go back to its original position .

Scientific data available to the public is sanitized to prevent panic , where 250 million people can migrate to - ?

When you look around you will notice that some people are preparing themselves and
preparing their assets as well .

Those who know and are readying themselves are only few thousands ( half of them jews ) .
They do not care about majority of USA citizens ? the chaos and abandonment
of people by the ? authorities ? in recent events ( after the hurricane ) are just a sample of things to come . 200 millions of americans are likely to share the fate of mammoths .
Do not forget that in " 911" only ONE JEW DIED ( among 3000 victims ) and that ratio will be
maintained in the future .

In an ironic twist the Mexicans will be standing with shotguns on their side of Rio Grande not letting gringos IN .

Have you noticed that American elite are not investing THEIR MONEY any more in USA ?

So called globalization is a ploy to let some other people ( rich and stupid foreigners ) to
? invest ? their wealth in USA assets ? releasing locked American money to be invested in
Those who think that they posses " assets " in USA will sing different song when they find that their
? assets ? covered by 2 miles of ICE are not actually worth as much as they thought .

Making overseas bases is an excuse to transfer quietly the majority of weapons
to safe areas and the control over them will be transferred to the EVIL JEWISH EMPIRE being created by docile american army controlled by jewish stoogies .

The american army in IRAQ is not to fight terrorism ? they are preparing safe grounds to be transferred to the jews ? that?s the reason they are killing all iraqis so there will be no one to share with .

America will perish .

N. Grimes said...

Oh yeah. I forgot to mention that.

Rainbow Spike said...

it is a well known fact that since 1969 the secret world governmint have been building luxury aoartments on the dark side of the moon so that they can skedaddle when the excrement hits the still air stirrer. it is also well known that in the Ramadan war in 1973 when the Israelis rolled out their nukes so spy photos could see they were ready for Masada Two that Nixon and Kissinger were on red alert to leave earth and go to the new apartments on the moon. my advice to all of you is to keep an eye on the news and if you don't see Bush or any other members of the sacred Order of Mu-Mu on the tv screens speaking live for a couple of days to take your guns and ammo to whatever hiding place you have prepared and hunker down with your food stores. Blair incidentally is not in the S.O of Mu-Mu and I doubt he is aware of its existence. The UK head is a guy called Ferenc Blackwhite but he is never on the news so just keep an eye on Bush's public appearances.

This is not a hoax. This is not an attempt to push the share price of Tamiflu through the roof.

Rainbow Spike

Osama al Yoni said...

Death to the elders of Mu Mu and their lackeys.

KLF said...

They're justified and they're ancient

And they drive an ice-cream van

Bob Spicer said...

Prepare the way for the Coming of the Lord. It is the time of Purification. There is nothing to be done. Surrender yourself to the Will of the Lord.

Bob Spicer
Willesden Sacred Temple of Surrender to The Lord (Reform)

Peter Pipes (pround to be a Patriot!) said...

So another ex-BBC man goes over to the Islamofascist barbarians and their surrender monkey fifth columnists in the West.

Strangling with piano wire is too good for these thugs and their mouthpieces.

anonymous anti-racist said...


Cheryl said...

hmmm...I left a comment directly after n. grimes, but it's not there now. Was it my moniker that proved censorable? I signed the comment with "Tut-tut" as I was having an Egytian moment.

Anonymous said...


Cheryl said...

I thought I typed my name, but it came out as 'anonymous'. I think I'll go to bed now as it's obvious I've lost the knack of being literate.