Tuesday, June 07, 2005

People die over lazy police jobsworths

Asinine coroner sees killer's point-of-view

"He was not able to condone the actions of [the murderer], he [the coroner] went on. But there were mitigating circumstances"

Read what the killer did. Now can you credit the remarks by the coroner?

"Thames Valley Police now accepts that some things could have been done differently"

You can almost hear the self-justifying jobsworths, and you can guarantee they round off every statement with "but [everything is fine]".

How depressing.

"Frustration" is an inadequate word for the pain caused by incompetent timeservers in every profession, who fail to take the initiative in their work and merely draw their salaries, and end up costing many of us our lives. We live, work and die as drones and slaves to a bureaucracy of lazy, self-satisfied slackers and parasites.

Malachy Dunhill

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