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We apologize to our readers for publishing a picture of Bush and Blair on location for their new movie, a remake of Midnight Express. We were the victims of a malicious satirist.

Effective forthwith, I have decided to strip Feargal Mooney of his title "Acting Editor." From now on he will have to take his chances as a freelance.

I will come out of retirement temporarily, till a replacement can be found.

Red Woodward

Then again some of these "War War War" pictures can be quite "Educational Educational Educational," don't you think? To be fair to the government, they did promise before the last election that their three priorities would be "Education, Education & Education," and it must be triply educational for our children to see the pictures from Iraq all over the TV, the Internet and the Newspapers. They might as well learn about the sadistic and perverted world that we have prepared for them, all about the depths of human degradation, and thirdly about impunity and self-satisfaction. A cabinet insider told me as much, off the record, and she added that our small children have to learn to deal with all of these issues - instead of just pfaffing around building sandcastles and so on - if the rate of increase in the suicide rate is to be reduced "in real terms." (Note to myself: Margaret can sound quite plausible at times.) Ed

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War is Hell and the first casualties are the ......

I'm pretty sure that Feargal acted in good faith and I fully accept his explanation that in any case the pictures do represent something of a truth if not the truth. Buck the big stupid American stud and Ratso his charming tuberlitic conman of a companion heading off for a dream future in Florida i.e a metaphor for creating a world fit for democracy and heroes by intervening in Iraq on behalf of American capital interests and Iraqi undertakers.

Feargal is aware of course that Ratso, like Moses, passed away before reaching the Promised Land, his past caught up with him. The hoaxer whilst not exactly representing the absolute truth was hinting at the truth. It is an old trick beloved of hoaxers and politicians and political hoaxers and somewhat less scurrilous than appearing to be hinting at the truth (we need to kill 30 or 40 thousand darkies before Saddam gives an H bomb to SMERSH) whilst creating pretexts to bring massive benefits to the Iraqi Confederation of Undertakers.

If Feargal did anything wrong he only did the same as Blair, he messed in things whose consequences he had not the first
idea about.

But let's recap. Lies have been told. Thousands upon thousands of innocent people have been murdered with our taxes, but heads have rolled as they should in such a situation. Two from the BBC, one from the Mirror, and now worst of all one from the Herald. War is hell. And Buck and Ratso are still on the bus heading south, round about Georgia by now I should think.

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Mirror Mirror on the ball
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