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Sunday, January 05, 2014

Curtain call

I have left Willesden and Brent to live just across the border near Sudbury Hill in the outer London borough of Harrow. I lived in Willesden for about 21 years and have been blogging here since spring 2003. There are also friends of mine who contributed messages, especially in the early days. It's all there for you to peruse and I will leave everything as it is. This is now a museum for as long as Blogger supports it, which I hope will be a long time. The short story competition can be followed at either Willesden Herald. com or New Short Stories .com. I have a personal blog as well, which you can find in the list of "Friends etc", which should be alongside here somewhere. I've come over all Oscar speechy now and want to say how much I love you all, and I haven't even touched a drop. Thanks, farewell, see you round.