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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Diageo's teatime alcoholisation continues

This time it's Bailey's cream liqueur. 5:50 pm on Channel 4 - teatime again - lacing a children's theme with hard liquor. Half price Baileys at a supermarket is "a little more grown up than Easter eggs". Previously there have been adverts in the ITV teatime news sponsored by Diageo and pushing Gin and Ginger Ale. You don't have to be Einstein to work out that they are trying to instil a taste for hard liquor into children round the TV at teatime. A cynical calculation is that these children will associate childhood pleasures with Diageo's hard liquor brands. It's really child abuse.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

FA Cup semi-final and an Enid Blyton from Diageo

To make Enid Blyton's for your football viewing party:

1 measure Gordons gin
2 measures ginger ale
crushed ice

Stir, don't shake. Serve with cocktail sticks in half pint tumblers.

Better than a Moscow Mule (Smirnoff vodka and Ginger Ale) just advertised 3:55 pm in ITV big match coverage for the FA Cup semi-final. Diageo - "Give us the child to the age of seven and we'll give you the boozer for life."

Worrying about adverts for sweets, worrying about drugs, worrying about drunken yobs, and advertising vodka and ginger ale to the kids!

Bartell Darcy

Saturday, August 23, 2008


Somebody dumped rubbish near Diageo's doorstep: poetic justice after they dumped their hard liquor and ginger ale adverts in kids' homes at tea time.


Friday, May 30, 2008

Diageo hard liquor advertised to kids on ITV teatime

Diageo Great Britain [sponsors] ITV weather’s UV updates during the early evening news as part of £1.4 million summer marketing campaign

Am I the only one somewhat dismayed at the current campaigns promoting Baileys Irish Cream booze, Gordons Gin and Smirnoff vodka on the ITV early evening news? These ads for drinks mixed with ginger ale, for example (today), are running alongside adverts for kids' soft drinks, sometimes directly after one for a soft drink (the other day). They are creepily oriented in a way that makes them sound like some good old kids' treat. Summer 2008 with lashings of gin and ginger ale: Enid Blyton turns into Edna the Inebriate Woman.

FFS Diageo (and ITV!), exercise some judgement and get behind the watershed. This present manifestation of greedy, unscrupulous, predatory behaviour is really outrageous. It's clearly based on the old Jesuit principle, give me the boy aged seven and I'll give you the man. It's a transparent and evil (there is no other word) attempt to implant a boozy notion of summer into childrens' minds before they are fully able to know they're being got at.