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Friday, April 19, 2019

Grove Farm, Local Nature Reserve, Ealing today

First view of Grove Farm beside David Lloyd sports centre

Continuation of the track downhill from the previous shot

A sign by the first entry stile

Close-up of the Grove Farm sign with bylaws etc.

Start of the lane alongside of David Lloyd sports centre

Heading down the lane

A view into the jungle-like woods

One of the entrance stiles into Grove Farm along the lane

The other (south) end of the lane entrance/exit on Bedser Drive
If you leave your car with the hand car wash service based in a section of the David Lloyd sports centre car park, you might like to take a walk while you're waiting, like this one along the lane from the sports centre through to Bedser Drive. This is only one of several lanes into, out of and around Grove Farm. Here's a previous set of photos from the other, less developed end of the open space.

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