Monday, July 25, 2016

Competition update 27 July 2016

With 38 days till the closing date, there is still all to play for. To date we have had just 63 stories submitted and I'm eight behind in the reading, looking at two tentative yeses, and a small number of maybes. At this grade of ore, we will need about 300 entries to get 10 yeses for the short list.

By the way with the profit-sharing system, when we go over 150 - break even point - all subsequent entry fee income will be split equally among the ten short-listed. As we only get £4 per entry after Submittable commission, that would produce a prize fund of £600.

If you're wondering what the first 150 entry fees are used for, the answer is for publishing the book, author copies, and the results event. If there's anything left over we'll chuck it into the prize fund as well.


All details and how to enter:

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