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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Destruction of trackside environment on the Chiltern Line

Before (east - summer)
Before (east - autumn)

Before (east - winter)

After (east - 23 March 2016)

Before (west - autumn)

After (west 23 March 2016)
Before and after pictures this week of the trackside near Sudbury Hill Harrow. Is this justfied, in any way, let alone in nesting season? 

Note: They are also cutting the whole wooded are extending 50 to 100 yards south of the track to the west. The sound of the wood chipping machine has been non-stop every day for over a week in this small area alone. (23 March 2016)

This is far from the tracks, a wood chipping machine working here for more than a week.

#networkrail #chilternline

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