Saturday, October 17, 2015

The new library centre is open

It's pleasing that the new library centre has not been saddled with the awful Stalinist sounding working title of "Willesden Green Cultural Centre". There was nothing wrong with the original name, the library centre. Now it's called The Library, which actually is a misnomer, because it's a lot more than that. But at least it's a bit better than the painfully patronising old proposal.

If you think about it, calling it "The Library" is probably only a marketing tactic for the new block of foreign investment units, sorry I mean flats, that occupies the space where the car park used to be. It's still really the Library Centre but you don't want that for selling flats in Singapore, where the block of flats was advertised as having "no affordable housing and no key worker housing". That's because a "centre" might mean local people would be hanging around, and you certainly don't want that, if you're a Singaporean investor. Not that you're ever likely to visit.

But if you do, by the way, there are loads of public services you can avail yourself of, which will save you whatever the same things cost in Singapore, probably a lot, right? It's all paid for by those invisibles and key worker types you never want to see. As well as contributing via P.A.Y.E. most of them pay in monthly to the local council as well. What a brilliant wheeze!

Tuning stone

The original Victorian library (left) is only a shell.

Grange Road side still has Bin Laden's phone booth, updated.


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