now incorporating the Sudbury Hill and Wood End Times

Monday, April 13, 2015

While Walking on Wood End Road

Time of cinnamon, time of thyme,

Time of rosemary, time of myrtle,
Time of violet, time of may,

Time of juniper, time of boxwood,
Time of forget-me-not, time of yew,

Lemon thyme, purple thyme, honesuckle, cloves,

Time of elder, time of mountain ash,
Time of tree of heaven, time of oak,

Time of sycamore, time of chestnut,
Time of wild service, time of lime,

Love lies bleeding, love in a mist, foxgloves, hops,

Time of woodbine, time of papaver somniferum,
Time of ladies' bedstraw, time of thorns,

Time of ivy, time of mushrooms,
Time of morning glory, time of hay,

Bellflower, bluebell, harebell, celandine, phlox,

Time of hawthorn, time of jasmine,
Time of blackberry, time of lilac,

Time of cinnamon, time of thyme.


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