Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Tips for writers: He draws to the left so lean to the right

When Bob Hope goes out to a gunfight in Paleface, the townsfolk cowering in doorways all give him different advice about how to play it.
"He draws to the left so lean to the right."
"There's a wind from the east - better aim to the west."
"He crouches when he shoots so stand on your toes."
It's hilarious to watch him try and implement the various contortions as he walks down the street to face his doom.
Sometimes we get stories that sound as if they have been written by committee. Over-edited, they're herky-jerky and riddled with non sequiturs. The story has been shredded and stuck back together with sticky tape.


Anonymous said...

Your vile little comments (ever so amusing to yourself) under the guise of tips for writers (please!) are disparaging to those poor souls who entered the competition in good faith. Me thinks you have been doing this way to long (Ossian).

Ossian said...

Sorry you feel that way about it.