Friday, October 18, 2013

Spotted: Friends of Barham Library shop

Link: Friends of Barham Library. In addition to demolishing the Willesden Library centre as part of an asset stripping scheme, Brent Council closed six other libraries in the same year, in further deals with property developers. They are under the impression that these deals "cost nothing". Children's study time in libraries is lost, but that is nothing. The borough loses the assets of civilisation put in place by previous generations. But that is nothing. Neighbourhoods are turned into industrial dormitories, but that is nothing. Flats are built and advertised as investments for wealthy clients in Singapore and other far flung places, guaranteeing in the adverts "no affordable housing". But that is nothing. The libraries and historic buildings the community owned have been burning holes in councillors' pockets. The parks may be next. Brent Labour are selling off your local birthright in supine compliance with their wealthy Tory/LibDem masters. "Now I ask you, members of the jury: is that nothing?"

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