Friday, July 06, 2012

Wildflowers update

Various, Willesden meadow, July 6

Ladies' Bedstraw, July 6

Yarrow, King Edward VII playing fields, July 6

Hollyhocks (July 6)
wild beside garden wall

Thistle, tall type, Willesden meadow (July 6)

Unknown. Donnington Road (July 4)
Tufted Vetch?

Unknown. Poppy? Nicole?


percy blower said...

the last one, if it's the plant on the left, is poppy, not the red one but the sleepbringer, i think

Ossian said...

Thanks. The street there has a few of them. It's opposite the sports centre. I spotted a couple more at other garden walls there, but inside the driveways. There are also several similar big ones at St Andrew's church in the high road, on which the flowers have come out and they are red. I have a picture of them I've been meaning to post from the other day, getting a few together for another post. :)

Ossian said...

The three little plants there are the same type, seemingly.

percy blower said...

definitely poppy (papaver, but probably a sub species of somniferum rather than rhoeas judging by the seed capsule)