Sunday, July 01, 2012

This is what you missed

In the space in front of the library centre

There were more stalls along the Brondesbury Park side,
the first with white canopy visible on the left.

Between the big tree and the small tree

Grange Road viewed from beside the small tree

... if you didn't go to the French market at the doomed Willesden library centre this weekend. And a lot more besides: hot food, delicatessen specialities, vintage music (which added a lot to the atmosphere), artisan soaps, handbags, charcuterie, rugs, etc etc.

Pick and mix "biscuits" by weight,
patisserie buy one get one free £3.50,
rhubarb and pear tart (don't ask, I haggled).
Also got three cheeses for £5
and five Danish for £4.50. Goodbye diet.

ropey video part 1

ropey video part 2

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