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Monday, July 23, 2012

Meadow: It's all happening

Field Scabious


Red Campion?*

Common Knapweed

A bee on common knapweed

Wild Carrot a.k.a. Queen Anne's Lace?
Prickly stems with lines along. 

Knapweed and St John's-wort (yellow)

The yellow flowers look like a type of St John's-wort

Knapweed and St John's-wort

Teasel on 21/7/2012,  approx  doubling in size per day

Teasel 22/7/2012, already over 5.5 feet
from nothing about three days ago

Lots of new flowers in the past couple of days, including the army of teasel shooting up at amazing speed.

* Suggested by Percy Blower


percy blower said...

third picture down, is that red campion?

Ossian said...

ah, looks like some of the pictures, yes. ta.