Monday, April 30, 2012

Short story master to judge Willesden 2012-13

The Willesden Herald is pleased and excited to announce that David Means, one of the very top short story writers in the world, has kindly agreed to be the judge for our next short story competition. David Means' stories have a diamond-like sharpness and clarity, in which we visit locations, society and climates as vividly as in a waking dream. I couldn't point to Sault Ste Marie on the map but I feel I've been there. I've never hung onto a train but I sort of know what it's like now. I've never lived in an apartment in New York, or slept rough but... you get the picture. Writers, there are still a few months before the competition opens but you have your work cut out for you! (Ed)

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Nick Holdstock said...

This is huge. I already want to enter.