Sunday, January 08, 2012

Willesden Green redevelopment - what do you think?


"The very tight timetable that envisages work starting in September has the planning application down for April 2012 and consultation obviously has to take place before then."

An interesting and informative article by Martin Francis of Brent Green party. Willesden Old Library, a "locally listed building" will also be demolished. The car park will go and there will be "a maximum of eight designated parking spaces" in the new development. There are fair words about recreating the cultural facilities but don't let your parsnips go cold waiting for that butter.

As guessed by the Willesden Herald, it is all sewn up with a single developer who will do the whole thing "at zero cost" to the council. Not at zero cost to Willesden though. The council will now have to decide on a planning application from Galliford Try but the whole schedule is setup already, so what independence can there possibly be about the planning application?

There is no question but that the existing building has been deliberately run down, the car park made unusable, the cinema and café wilfully allowed to fall into dereliction. The whole process stinks to high heaven and calls for an independent investigation into the decisions involved. Cui bono?

From the same shower who brought you the closure of six out of twelve local libraries in a year, the sort of people who cut down hardwood forests that have taken hundreds of years to grow for paltry and transient financial expediency.


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