Saturday, May 14, 2011

Street shopping / "Freecycle"

If you're short of money, you can furnish a flat and get toys for your kids from the stuff left out by others. Here are a couple of items spotted on a walk this evening.

High chair, Bryan Avenue

Last Christmas, there were three bikes for various ages from toddler up, left outside one place. Keep an eye on this blog if you're stuck next Christmas. Furniture is quite commonplace but of course you need a big enough car or van to take it away.

Sideboard, Chambers Lane

This is quite a nice piece of furniture. It's a little roughed up in its move to the street but it's very sound otherwise. The handles and stained glass are all present and correct. It's nice wood too, not chipboard or anything like that, drawers and doors open nicely, put together with dovetail joints, clean inside. Outside is getting a bit dirty in the street and the back is bent out of place but surely fixable, no? It's better than the equivalent in your reporter's house at present!

Nick Grimes

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