Sunday, March 27, 2011

Greedy Andrew Lansley, the NHS is not for sale

"[The Telegraph] exposed you flipped your second home. ... [Under your plans] we'll become more like the US. Care will be farmed out* ... He's been given cash by ... a private care provider who, if they have their way, will become the biggest beneficiaries of privatisation of the NHS." (MC Nxtgen)

* Care will be farmed out to "any willing provider", forcing the NHS out of business by buying the market, leaving aside difficult cases while Tory financiers make off with money for the easy ones. Lansley's aim is to compromise doctors by immersing them in a man-made lake of money and then bring in his friends to drain it for them.

He knows very well or if he does not he is stupid, that private consortia will run loss leaders and resort to any unscrupulous tactic in the book to force the NHS out of business. Publicly funded hospitals will not be able or minded to run "loss leaders" or to pick and choose what work they tender for or to get massive loans. Their shareholders are none other than the general public, who pay for them on an insurance basis, assuming and till now trusting that they are being dealt with in good faith.

Now the oily, airbrushed chisellers are in and trying to make their sinecures and party kickbacks, all is in jeopardy. The magnificent edifice of past generations is to be smashed open and looted. Photofit Cameron has been spotted all over this ripoff. You cannot trust people who live for money and business. They will stab us in the back every time if we let them. [Ed.]

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