Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Brent St Patrick's Day Parade at Willesden Green Library Centre - Festivals - Time Out London

Brent St Patrick's Day Parade

"A parade, from Willesden Green tube to Willesden Green Library Centre, featuring floats, pipers and costumed dancers kicks off at 4pm. Plus live music and dance on a stage in front of the library, an Irish market and children's activities such as circus skills workshops and face painting. The parade takes place on St Patrick's Day rather than the nearest weekend, in an area with a significant Irish population." (Time Out)

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Anonymous said...

Everyone enjoying this year's parade should know that the city council wants to build upon the Willesden Green town centre open space at the Willesden Library and knock down the old Victorian Library at the heart of Willesden Green. SIGN THE PETITION this week to slow down the planning process. Don't let them railroad the planning process before we citizens have a chance to thoroughly give our ideas, needs and objections. SIGN THE PETITION AT THE LIBRARY OR ONLINE! WE NEED 5000 SIGNATURES! If you don't sign, you may not have a place to end the St. Patrick's Day parade next year!!!