Monday, February 21, 2011

Only Boris

What ski helmets can teach us about keeping libraries open

"Imagine a horror film called Tadpole Head in which a weird cranial mutation is transmitted – via biting? Bodily fluids? Telepathy? – from person to person. Imagine if the contagion spread from season to season until thousands of formerly happy-go-lucky skiers were in its zombie-like thrall, and the hills were crawling with the glistening black bonces of a new race of human scarabs. That is what is happening at ski resorts all over Europe. Armies of Darth Vaders have colonised the Alps." (Telegraph)

Fear not, Boris's somewhat tortuous logic comes round to supporting the libraries, if you can follow it. The series of headlines on Boris here reads like a list of books about one of the lesser known PG Wodehouse characters. "Trust Boris", "Only Boris", "Boris on Top Form" etc.

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