Saturday, September 18, 2010

Here's $300 Lord, super size me

Tonight, a bunch of despicable frauds ripping people off in the UK and worldwide courtesy of cable TV. They are jibbering and jabbering ("speaking in tongues") in between telling people to go to their phones and donate money to go onto the virtual altar that they are then going to pray over and they will get "double portion" from God. You couldn't make this shit up. And of course, the offer is for one day only, bizarrely Yom Kippur is the pretext. Notice they can't even keep a straight face about 2 minutes in when the holy tart makes up a story that she has "just heard about a court case that was impossible ... I can't name names ... involving a child ... and it has just been won! ..." and the Brit twat or whatever he is "... has just been won? ... Praise the Lord." ... "And if you knew just how impossible this case was!" wibba-bibba-jibba-jabba-floba-lboba-lobo-abopalob-cooroocoocoo Go to your phones now, time is running out. "That's £200 in the UK. I don't know what it is in Euros."

There are a few disgusting things in the media and online but by crikey, if this isn't among the most disgusting and nauseating of the lot. (Ed.)

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