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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sub-contracting brutality to children

Revealed: brutal guide to punishing jailed youths

Instructions to staff warn that the techniques risk giving children a "fracture to the skull" and "temporary or permanent blindness caused by rupture to eyeball or detached retina".

The guidance, designed to cope with unruly children, also acknowledges that the measures could cause asphyxia. One passage, explaining how to administer a head-hold on children, adds that "if breathing is compromised the situation ceases to be a restraint and becomes a medical emergency".
(Society | The Observer)

The war between humanity and inhumanity is so finely balanced in the UK that at any moment our humanist defences against the brutal vicious and "privatised" horde could collapse, initiating an era of unbridled mayhem and carnage.


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