Friday, May 07, 2010

Glenda Jackson wins Hampstead and Kilburn by 42 votes

Ed Balls' message to Lord Ashcroft: "You can come along with your posters and all your leaflets and all your adverts, but you cannot buy this constituency and you cannot buy this country."

Hampstead and Kilburn result


Q said...

That's a relief because I voted for Ed Fordham in a rush of Cleggmania (aided by a postal vote) and began regretting it as soon as I watched the tribute to Glenda (and listened to a bit more Clegg).

Red Woodward said...

Do I have to do everything myself?! God give me patience. There's an ash cloud you know, eh? I'm not just here in Majorca for the good of my health. Now get the following headline up a.s.a.p. Feargal!


rainbow spike said...

Now it's clear that the majority of the electorate doesn't want an Old Etonian government we don't want to hear any talk from Clegg about consenting to Tory minority rule.

Back a Lib/Lab coalition or progressive LibDems must get rid of Clegg too. If the price of the coalition is that Brown has to stand aside for milliband (d) so be it.