Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Deport 600,000? Impose slave labour? End gay rights?

Tories are unsure about gay rights

Tories' insult intelligence with Animal Farm type slogans

"There is no such thing as Society" Margaret Thatcher
"We believe in The Big Society" David Cameron

Tories support the European nutcase party

Actions speak louder than words. The one thing that Cameron has actually done is to remove the Conservative party from its alliance with the parties of Angela Merkel and Nicolas Sarkozy and put his group into an alliance with extremist bootboys of eastern Europe, led by Michal Kaminski. "According to the office of the National Rebirth of Poland (NOP), a far-Right Polish party regarded by the US State Department as anti-Semitic, Mr Kaminski was a former student member." (Daily Telegraph)

Tories want to unban foxhunting

If you are against foxhunting, you should know that the Tories have indicated they would repeal Labour's law against it. "Hunting ban should be repealed early in Conservative government, says Tory MP". (Guardian)

Which way should I vote to stop the Tories?

Vote NO to the Tories by supporting whichever candidate is most likely to defeat them in your constituency. Box clever and don't let the Eton mafia exploit your best feelings to split the left wing vote. No Baldrick, it is not time for a futile gesture.

If your constituency is Liberal at present, it's probably best to vote Liberal. If your constituency is Labour at present that means vote Labour. If we use our heads we can serve our hearts and stymy the right wing power grab. Otherwise it's five years of looting, oppression and gloom starting on Friday.

Lists of constituencies in various categories with an eye to snookering the Tories (PDF)

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rob-d said...

Had to read this post twice.... I though the Tories were supporting Urban Fox Hunting.

Better get my eyes tested.