Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Whose idea was that?

Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde - The Damned

Prime Minister calls Labour supporter "a bigoted woman"

He thought he was off-mic. It's just the sort of thing that anybody would say when letting off steam, assuming it's in private. At least now we know he's against bigotry, though he has realised that that Mrs Duffy was not a bigot really. Yes, everyone is against bigotry on-mic, but the PM is also against bigotry off-mic.

Further thoughts:
Mrs Duffy is a nice woman but don't imagine she was simply ambling along when she met the PM. She started the whole thing by shouting "What are you going to do about the deficit?" in quite a heated manner, repeatedly. Then in the conversation they had, she was saying there was no punishment of offenders and nothing being done about crime "around here" when all around behind them were people in orange clothing doing community service work, which was what the PM had come to see. She did go on about all the eastern European people coming in, which is basically a sort of bigoted point of view when we are EU members and as Gordon pointed out there are a million Brits scattered throughout other countries in the EU. His remarks afterwards were a little bit bitter but c'est la vie. If you shout at the PM and conduct a long argumentative debate in front of national TV cameras with him, you shouldn't be too surprised when he's not really thrilled about it. Let's keep this in context.


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