Sunday, July 19, 2009

You may be quarantined if you fly to China

Four more UK Pupils in China taken to hospital with suspected swine flu | World news | "It is not yet known where the four most recently affected pupils are from. Three of the year nine (aged 13-14) children taken ill earlier were from the Central Foundation Boys school in Clerkenwell, while one attended Parliament Hill school in Camden, organisers said."


rainbow spike said...

The bbc news site says they were from PHS as well. Is Onion Mbeke on his way there yet to take some photos of the situation?

Ossian said...

Oh yes, definitely. Unfortunately I've just heard he looked up at a light as the customs man in Beijing was checking his passport and unfortunately happened to sneeze all over the desk. So he's been put into a spacesuit and taken to the Beijing Hilton.

I hope the kids get through the flu ok. Flu is always nasty anyway.