Monday, July 13, 2009

Let Afghanistan sell opium etc.

It's poppycock to grow crops here but destroy them in Afghanistan: "So how would you feel, if you were sitting back on your terrace in Oxfordshire, and looking out at the poppies waving in the fields, and you heard the thugga-thugga-thugga of Apache helicopters? Suppose these helicopters were to disgorge hundreds of dark-glass-wearing US troops, who were to advance with flame-throwers and defoliants through the fields, destroying all the vegetation they could see. I put it to you that you would be exceedingly hacked off if you were a farmer." (Boris Johnson)

They (the government) are too busy being busy getting people killed and killing people to stop and think about what's best to do. That's when they're not playing silly beggars with capital gains tax.


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