Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Incidents in a police state (#2)

Woman 'detained' for filming police search launches high court challenge

[...] an undercover officer wearing jeans and a black jacket enters the shot, and asks Atkinson: "Do you realise it is an offence under the Terrorism Act to film police officers?" He then adds: "Can you show me what you you just filmed?" Atkinson stopped filming and placed her phone in her pocket. According to her account of the incident, which was submitted to the Independent Police Complaints Commission that night, the officer tried several times to forcefully grab the phone from her pocket. (Guardian)

Listen to Gemma Atkinson's account of being manhandled (in more than one sense) for about 14 minutes, having her arm twisted and unidentified plain clothes police trying to take her mobile phone from her pocket. She asked them for their names and numbers and they just walked away.


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