Saturday, June 20, 2009

Y'know what Gordon - go ahead

Gordon Brown: I could walk away from this tomorrow: Prime minister is 'hurt' by attacks (Guardian)

The man takes everything personally. He is incapable of recognising his utter inadequacy for the role he has usurped. The last thing he should ever think about is how sorry he is for himself; instead it is always the first and last thing he thinks about, and the only thing that guides his decision making process. As a result he gets every decision wrong. He is purblind to the concerns of most people.

This is the man who gave pensioners a 50p raise, who abolished the 10p tax rate (and would have done so without compensation - still hasn't restored it), who in just the last week announced an inquiry into the Iraq war to be held in private (unbelievably), and who is the origin of the whole expenses scandal by refusing to accept the independently adjudicated pay award for MP's four years ago.

Like all natural misers, he is wildly profligate at others' expense, showing no concern whatsoever for your costs. This is a condemnation of his record. His personality is his own and would not be of any consequence, were it not causing him to drive the good ship U.K. (or the creaking old rustbucket, if you prefer) full steam ahead onto the rocks. As for that pathetic mutiny attempt: apart from Purnell, the whole crew has been exposed as feeble and more interested in expediency than in the fate of the country. It's been obvious from the time of the election for deputy prime minister, when ten of them queued up for a sinecure and mansion, that they are a bunch of political minnows with few principles.

I don't like myself for having a go at the Prime Minister. I'm sure that as a human being he is a fine chap. I'm not even going to say anything about the other people who were nice to their families now. He's ok, no doubt. Just not as PM - anything else, yes probably.


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