Thursday, July 09, 2009

Across the clearing*

More bees beeing around this year, certainly hundreds I think in the luxuriant clover and lavender etc in King Edward VII park in Willesden. In case you're wondering, it's the playing fields behind the sports centre, which few people knew the name of before but all will know as they've stuck nameplates and maps at every entrance. I have heard the footballers call it "King Edwards" before, so it wasn't completely unknown. Strange that many small parks are called King Edwards, I think (you can check if you like - I'm pretty sure there's another not far away in Wembley).


* Update 08 July 2009: Added soundtrack "Across The Clearing" by The Ray Kelley Band (selected from YouTube "audio swap" resources) to Willesden Bee Movie. It's now like something by Visconti (I fondly imagine). Os


Anonymous said...

20th July?I love the predictive power of blogs, or is there some Back to the Future style time machine...? :)

Ossian said...

heh. oh sorry, don't know what happened there. i'll correct the date. ta