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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Booted thugs stand on woman's feet

Kingsnorth video shows surveillance protesters bundled to ground by police | Environment | guardian.co.uk: "Women arrested for challenging officer with no badge number"

They asked for an officer's number, which they are entitled to do and which the officer should have been displaying but was not, and for their trouble they got their necks held and pressure-pointed, pinned face down on the ground, handcuffed and ankles taped together. At one point one of the police gang is seen standing on a woman's feet, and she asks him to stop while this so-called "officer" (I could think of a better word) denies it. I repeat, surely a revolution is at hand?


1 comment:

rainbow spike said...

vicious swine and thugs. as emily says in the video they've got away with this kind of policing for far too long. makes your blood boil, as does the trumped up charge, as does the fact that the copper with his number hidden is presumably not now on the dole.

fitwatch have a very interesting blog.