Monday, May 11, 2009

Talking about a revolution

Conservative party faces spotlight as expenses crisis engulfs MPs (Guardian)

Children are banned from snow-covered parks, town hall non-entities have carte blanche to spy on the public, the traitorous elite have sold your hard won rights and laws to overseas robber barons by proxy, and about 650 perfumed and bewigged parasites and their myriad courtiers and entourage are bloating on the blood of the ordinary people. What a world!

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rainbow spike said...

I am voting for the dog with three tails. he seems to have his priorties pretty much straight, as opposed to the woman with the hanging baskets and the fat fella with several toilet seats and the slimy toff who wants me to pay for his garden landscaping.

call the police off the whistleblower, he deserves his money.

and I would like this woman
to be deputy PM to the dog with three tails.

Avin Alaff said...

Moats Cleaned - Chandeliers Hung - Helipads Re-Furbished - Pre-Filled Invoice Pads - Cash Work - No Job Too Large.

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