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Friday, May 15, 2009

Readers' favourite poems

by Colleen Billings

Metric, imperial, a lifetime's the same -
One unit, one heart, one soul -
Rocking and rolling around the sun,
Each day a rock, each year a roll.

However you weigh it, blink and it's gone -
The brighter it shines, the quicker -
But when you're gloomy, time slows down,
So be glad when you're sad and it flickers.

Watching the clock, its hands never move
Unless you're a hawk - then they do.
Look at the moon, it's standing still;
Then you don't see it, now you do.

How did it get from there to nowhere
Without ever seeming to stray?
Too late to ask Zeno, he's gone for a walk,
Kicking infinities out of his way.


Submitted by Mrs Jim Fuscobaldi, of Neasden, who receives this week's consolation prize of two weeks plenary indulgences, courtesy of Mrs Haverty Clerical Outfitters.


Cardboard City
by Geoff McRoger

In the darkness in the night
On the doorstep shivering
When the moon sails left to right
Simon's soup is on the wing.

That fat lady with the urns
Comes from Kilburn to the Strand
With rosary beads and currant buns
And rabbit fit to beat the band.

Coppers twitch their mobile mikes,
Suffer us to come to them.
Would you swap with Jesus Christ
On Calvary or Bethlehem?


Submitted by Barnaby Ruddle, of Stonebridge Park, who receives a blessed scapular courtesy of Mrs Haverty Clerical Outfitters.

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