Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Pincher Martin sees red

MPs' expenses: Members clash with Speaker Michael Martin over police inquiry: "'He may be very good at being Mr Martin; he is just not very good at being House of Commons Speaker,' [Douglas Carswell, sponsoring vote of no confidence in the Speaker] said. 'People across the country are turning to despair and giving up on the Westminster process.'" (Telegraph)

He keeps wittering on about "the employees of this house" or "the employees in this house" as if they were working in a paper merchant's office (cf. video at above link). They're not "employees in this house" they are members of parliament, accountable to the public who elected them. He seems to think they are in some sort of private venture.

It can only be a matter of a tiny step now before this country develops a full-blown crisis such as those in Georgia, Thailand, Lebanon, Greece etc. when we can expect to see hundreds of thousands block the streets to force out this shower of useless timeservers. An election is overdue.


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