Saturday, May 16, 2009

It falls to the Willesden Herald to stand up for MP's

We expose the dreadful frauds committed by ordinary citizens - every day this week!!!!

a) Mrs Magdelena "Maggie" Turnery, of Childs Hill

1. Claimed for not 1, not 10, not 20, but 25 vouchers at the checkout at Tesco, Brent Park, causing a severe delay. Additionally we can reveal that these claims in several instances violated the "only one per customer" clause of the voucher! Tesco did nothing to stop this abuse and seemed more interested in getting Mrs Turnery (85) out of their shop successfully, without detection, actually helping at one stage to pack her items. (sic)

2. This same Mrs Turnery, so-called Maggie, is a known cider drinker who habitually gets two flagons of cider (TWO) from the local off-licence and stops periodically on her way back to her publically funded flat to rest the bag containing these bottles quite brazenly on the path for all to see. That is how cavalier the ordinary people of this country have become, while our government works its fingers and hands to their bones to help them.

We sent a reporter to her flat, eventually found after a maze of narrow, malodorous corridors, on the fourth floor, and found her husband inside lolling in what appeared to be a hospital bed inside their flat. Our reporter was able to see, though not invited in, through to where this welfare recipient reclined on multiple pillows, drinking none other than the very same cider reported above. (sic)

More revelations to follow every day this week. We have acquired a database containing the details of everybody in this country, what they've earned, what they've spent it on, where they shop, where they eat, who they know, what their posted messages say. "This is dynamite" (spokesperson).

Keep up the good work MP's - don't rest till every one of the public in this godforsaken country learns what's good for them.


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