Friday, May 08, 2009

MPs expenses: Once again, we're missing the point

Gordon Brown forced to defend allowances system

"The files also show how Jack Straw, the Justice Secretary, over-claimed for both his council tax and mortgage bills." (Telegraph)

As usual, the Willesden Herald's rival newspapers have totally the wrong approach to this story. Instead of griping about how MP's claim for council tax, mortgage payments, cleaners etc, they should be insisting that this ingenious system be extended to everyone. You will need no reminding about the endless and annoying outgoings that beset us all, even in the best of times. Far from being a disgrace, the Westminster expenses system is brilliant and far ahead of its time.

It falls to the Willesden Herald to demand that we all be allowed to claim for homes near to where we work, council tax bills, transport, food, pot plants, plumbing and cleaning and (why not?) everything! This is one of the best news stories ever, if only people would look on the bright side, instead of always knocking the mother of parliaments and her canny and brilliant ways of providing the money that we all need.

Feargal Mooney

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