Friday, May 29, 2009

Britain's got bastards

I said before that child sang tonight on "Britain's Got Talent", I said to the wife, "This is totally unethical, they are destroying children's lives and making fools of people." It's like the Roman Coliseum of psychology. It is in keeping with the barking idea that it's okay to torture a small child psychologically but not to give a little slap when it's naughty. Instead of a brief natural and transient response we are expected to put kids into solitary confinement, starve them, make them stand or sit in corners, make them denounce themselves and apologise. Then we take kids and we throw them into a sort of bear pit in front of a thousand sadists and tell them to sing and dance. Now we are being sold children's nervous breakdowns like anti-LSD tabs to narrow our horizons and reduce us to whooping chimpanzees. Just say no.


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