Sunday, April 19, 2009

FA Cup semi-final and an Enid Blyton from Diageo

To make Enid Blyton's for your football viewing party:

1 measure Gordons gin
2 measures ginger ale
crushed ice

Stir, don't shake. Serve with cocktail sticks in half pint tumblers.

Better than a Moscow Mule (Smirnoff vodka and Ginger Ale) just advertised 3:55 pm in ITV big match coverage for the FA Cup semi-final. Diageo - "Give us the child to the age of seven and we'll give you the boozer for life."

Worrying about adverts for sweets, worrying about drugs, worrying about drunken yobs, and advertising vodka and ginger ale to the kids!

Bartell Darcy

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