Sunday, March 01, 2009

Sunday, High Road

Just happened on a nice effect at Walm Lane.

Almost a year on, the Spotted Dog is boarded-up and derelict. This is the signwriting with the prices for the closing week (still up).*


* I was accosted by a very bleary-eyed person while taking this picture, who wanted to know why I was taking pictures, was I the police? I said it was for my blog (I didn't tell her it was for the newspaper, ahem) and she said she didn't like people taking pictures of where she lived. There are some flats nearby. She kept trying to stop me, so eventually I said, "It's a free country, I can take pictures of whatever I like, mind your own business." I regretted that afterwards but only because I thought I might take a bullet or a knife to the heart for saying it. Anyway, when I got back to the newsroom (ahem) I took a look at what I'd got and lo and behold (as they say) something strange in the corner of one of them, which I hadn't noticed at the time, but as it shows a person I won't post it. I don't include people (or try not to) unless they have given permission or are indistinguishable.


Anonymous said...

A year is a long time. I suppose with the recession its unlikely someone will come in and do something with this building. Hope someone opens up something decent as this part of the high road needs it.

Ossian said...

It's a link with the 19th century. The High Road has a lot of old features and they don't seem to be subject to any sort of conservation. I can see the facade of the builders merchants shop is still the same from pictures taken at the turn of the (19th to 20th) century, for example. I mentioned the pavement lights before ("vault lights") which have been concreted over in the most ugly and uncontrolled way. The ones that remain do get very slippery sometimes, but surely it's not beyond the wit of woman to devise a non-slip glass for them? Who am I kidding, they can't even pick up the rubbish from the flowerbeds.

Ossian said...

women? no, the council.

rainbow spike said...

It is now, as of February 2009, also illegal to photograph police officers in the UK, so, please, if you see a policeman at a demo knocking the crap out of someone, look the oher way and don't take any sneaky pics. And if you hapen to see the Riot Police indulging themseles in a spot of their favourite rioting behaviour keep your camera in your pocket.