Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Hundreds died because of NHS management incompetence

Health secretary apologises over damning report on Mid Staffordshire NHS trust | Society | guardian.co.uk: "Between 400 and 1,200 more people died than would have been expected at Mid Staffordshire NHS foundation trust over three years, the report said."

There is stupidity and there is laziness and then there is just downright arrogance and indifference, combined with professional incompetence. And it's all under NEW LABOUR, not old Labour, not the Tories. Anyone with eyes can see that Gordon Brown and everyone he surrounds himself with are sleepy-headed, bureau-cratic time servers, pen pushers and lead swingers. They all have the same square, dull, miserly, insensate look of the petty-minded and unaware. In the words of the redoubtable Bob Geldof, "People are dying NOW!" When will we ever get some leaders who have an ounce of believability and an iota of competence?!?! Sorry for the rant, but this is very close to home for many, if not all of us - and you're only lucky if it isn't your turn yet to fall into their slow-motion, mindless death-grip.


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