Monday, January 05, 2009

Today Gaza, tomorrow London estates

There are dozens of people being killed on the streets of England by gangs armed with guns and knives. Over 20 young people killed by knives alone in London in 2008.

No country on earth would tolerate this daily risk to its people, 7 million Londoners in range of these deadly weapons and almost one a week being killed. We know where these armed gangs live. Please IDF, come and bomb Southwark, Lambeth, Hackney, Harlesden and Willesden for starters, then parts of Manchester, Liverpool etc. We need your help here, if you wouldn't mind, after you've flattened Gaza.

Let's start by robo-phoning everyone in Brixton (have to start somewhere) and telling them that homes with knives and guns will be hit by missile strikes and artillery fire. Playgrounds, high streets, marketplaces, pubs and hospitals from where these killings have originated must be destroyed.

Of course we know which places store the weapons - it's the schools, the clubs, the churches, the blocks of flats. We think we know the individual flats in the estates from where these armed gangs operate. But let's robo-phone everyone anyway, so nobody can say they were not warned.

We can pound Brixton from the air for say five days, before bombarding it with artillery and sending in the tanks and bulldozers. Let's not stop till the scourge of knife and gun killings is eradicated. No country on earth would stand for this.

Feargal Mooney

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