Thursday, January 08, 2009

New improved

Searches: The W.H. now has joined forces with Blogger to enable you to search the nearly 2,000 articles here so far, and show the actual articles together on the page - not a Google link list like it used to produce.

Labels: Nearly everything has now been labelled as well, so you can click on a label and likewise get the selected articles together on one page. If you click on the link for my name below, for example, you should see all the articles with my byline.

Comments: There are still some problems with the links to comments in the old format, which we're trying to fix. Moderation is now turned on for comments on posts older than ten days. For the avoidance of all tedium, comments are only enabled on new articles in a lighter vein.

Mergers: Most of Ossian's and Zoz's posts from their other blogs have now been imported and merged into the W.H. posts in date sequence by using the new Blogger import and export utilities. All of the imported posts are signed Zoz or Ossian and labelled Zozimus or Sloe Wine respectively.

Known problems: When viewing archives, search results or label results, the side archive links do not work. The earliest posts did not have headings and so the spacing looks different on them. There is strange additional spacing on some of the imported posts as well.

Simon Moribund

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