Thursday, September 18, 2008


Lloyds Bank takes over Halifax

I knew it. Don't you see the black horse in the clouds, leaping over the Halifax ad? Should have known it when that upside down rainbow appeared on Tuesday!

And the time signal from the atomic clock at the BBC was late and added an extra pip (BBC audio link) yesterday morning. Technicians couldn't explain the anomaly. Their diagnosis: "It's thrown a wobbler."

What does it say in the Bible about the rainbow turning upside-down - does that mean the deal is off? Considering the old crock of gold legend, turning it upside down would be a rather apt way to portend bankruptcy. Maybe upstairs is having a laugh at us, or a smile. If so: it's not funny, oh sadistic Fate! (Sorry, I got a little carried away, there.)

Update: It just gets worse. Unlucky black fox seen in Chorley cemetery (BBC video link). "It's said that its colour is black as night so that it can live in a man's shadow without being seen, and it brings doom and disaster to whoever does see it." (So don't click the link, if you don't want to see it.)

Mystic Mavis

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