Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Slapdash sloppy London 2012 handover

Chinese media mocks London 2012 Olympic handover performance - Telegraph

"London's display at the closing ceremony of the Beijing Olympics has been ridiculed in China, with the media mocking mayor Boris Johnson and deriding the British for laughing 'about their own stupidity'."

I thought the performance was unbelievably naff. Who are the idiots who think that rolling around on the ground and pictures of graffiti are cool. Boris was right out of order in not showing respect. You don't have to approve of what goes on in China to want to maintain some dignity when dealing with them.

The sound system obviously had not been checked or else somebody must have sabotaged it afterwards. The bus concept wasn't necessarily fatal, but the content was feeble in the extreme. What has a kitschy and tacky old rock dirge got to do with sport? Titan Sports Daily was right in saying that Leona Lewis and Jimmy Page were not famous enough. Why couldn't they have got Paul Weller, Robbie Williams or even George Michael, and why not Madonna, Diana Ross, Tina Turner or other London residents. Tom Cruise? Hell, they could've probably got Bob Dylan or even Prince William. Imagine if they'd commissioned Bob Dylan to write a new song and perform it and had Prince William and Bob Geldof. Anything but what they had, frankly.

There are some imbeciles involved in the presentation of London 2012. Is it an advertising agency or what? Who came up with the lousy logo? Ah, who cares.


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