Monday, August 18, 2008

Self-service broadcasting

Friday night with Jonathan Ross & Ruby Wax



rainbow spike said...

Dear tv people

i live nearer Jonathan Ross's house on Hampstead Way than I do to the post office. Would it be OK if I dropped my licence money off at his place so as not to bother the nice people at the post office?

Uriah Gordon said...

all credit to the boffins at stoke mandible for enabling zoz to create this masterpiece with his one working muscle. it was a blessing that he had practiced that party game before he was so cruelly stricken and could already write his name that way. etc. humbling.

The Controller said...

Thank you for lampooning the BBC. We take all lampoons seriously and appreciate your commentary. This is an automatic response, please do not to this email address.

Confident Marketing Ltd. said...

Was there an error in our message? Please report any typos to BBC Provincial, Watford.