Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Fooling the world comes first, the people come last

Beijing Olympics: Chinese dancer injured in opening ceremony rehearsal 'paralysed' - Telegraph

"Sources inside the stadium told The Telegraph that Liu was left lying in agony on the set for more than 50 minutes before she was attended by paramedics because of the strict security cordon which had been thrown around the rehearsals.

Zhang Yimou, the celebrated director who took the plaudits for Friday's opening ceremony, visited Liu after her six-hour surgery to express his condolences for what had happened.

'You're the deepest pain in my heart,' Zhang was reported as saying. 'If I could see you stand on your feet again, it would make me much more excited and happier than any praise I've received.'"

The opening ceremony was fantastic. Zhang Yimou is a genius. But it was too much, in fact. Better that it had been more humane, and the real singer could have sung, the real fireworks could have been seen, and a dancer might have received the emergency medical attention she needed. All is phoney. All is pretence. And the same thing happens everywhere, but it's worst in dictatorships, always has been and always will be. They build their oafish and transparent lie out of the broken bodies of ordinary people.


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